Code of a Scientologist

This is an early version of the Code of A Scientologist, written by LRH. It gives a good explanation as to why these points. Although the Code was later updated, the information is of interest and shows that Mark “Marty” Rathbun is violating the code on a daily basis and thus cannot truly call himself a Scientologist. The first point of the code, although not part of the later code, became part and parcel of the Scientology Ethics and Justice Codes and violation of it falls under the Suppressive Acts in Scientology.


Via Hubbard Communications Office

163 Holland Park Avenue, London W11

10 December 1954

A Basic Course in Scientology — Part 7


All Scientologists who have been granted the right to train by the board of directors of the HASI have pledged themselves to adherence to the Code of a Scientologist. It is also the official code of the CECS* and a similar code has been adopted by the Dianetic Foundation for Dianeticists.

In that man, until he has gotten above 20.0, lives to fight, it is an extremely simple thing for an individual, finding opponents very scarce, to choose out his own organization as an opponent.

This is the basic and actually the only reason why there has been enturbulence in the organizations and groups of this science. Some individual lacking sufficient sight to see that the organization was facing a potent and powerful abundance of opponents, himself able only to fight with thought itself, to turn upon his fellow auditors,upon a group, upon an organization, and fight it, to fight the subject matter of his science, to fight the correspondences of his organization, to fight the commas and semicolons of bulletins, and in short to conduct himself as a one-man thinking machine at war with all of thought. Actually this is not very exciting. Such a person is attacking people very like himself who do not fight back,for others than this person can conceive that the actual opponent and enemy being attacked by this science lies totally outside the perimeter of this science. Find someone attacking his job rather than using his job to help attack existence; find someone using his degrees and awards to attack his own organization; find someone using his rank as an officer to attack his own army and one finds immediately a sick man. If he were not a sick man he would have sufficient power and influence to bring about the changes he conceives desirable without recourse to combat.

In that there has to be a fight for there to be a game, it is not strange to find people who have lost elsewhere attacking their own organizations. When such a person gets extremely decayed, he can only attack himself, and so splits himself up into various entities, or identities, or valences, and quarrels with these. The trick of this universe is to reduce down the eight dynamics by making a person fight each one in turn. The willingness of the thetan to fight aids and abets this. Thus this dwindling spiral consists entirely of what one is willing to fight. There is no peace for anyone below 20.0, and that is fairly high on the Tone Scale. But it is a good game to advance science, civilization,knowledge and understanding into a semi barbaric world made affluent by its machines. It is a good fight simply to make the world effective enough to fight, but he who loses in a wider fight will engage in a more intimate quarrel until at last he is only fighting himself. About the saddest thing you would ever care to encounter is a thetan obsessively and continually putting out beams which go an inch or two from him and then come back and hit him. He is not even possessed of a body, he is simply an isolated identity at war with himself, for he feels and has been led to feel, that there are no other opponents.

The Code of a Scientologist is a stopgap to serve in the interim time when all Scientologists are not yet up to a level where they are content to receive for their opponents the logical targets of the science itself, and for their randomity must pick out the organization and other Scientologists in order to engage in a game.

With all Scientologists subscribing to this code, Scientology will, itself, become a potent forward motion in our world and this universe.

A student is expected to know, in its entirety, and to know it well enough to practice it, this code.


The Code of a Scientologist was evolved to safeguard Scientologists in general, and is subscribed to by leading Scientologists. The Committee of Examinations, Certifications and Services of the HASI has accepted it as an enforceable code.

As a Scientologist, I pledge myself to the Code of Scientology for the good of all.

1. To hear or speak no word of disparagement to the press,public or preclears concerning any of my fellow Scientologists, our professional organization or those whose names are closely connected to this science.

2. To use the best I know of Scientology to the best of my ability to better my preclears, groups and the world.

3. To refuse to accept for processing and to refuse to accept money from any preclear or group I feel I cannot honestly help.

4. To deter to the fullest extent of my power anyone misusing or degrading Scientology to harmful ends.

5. To prevent the use of Scientology in advertisements of other products.

6. To discourage the abuse of Scientology in the press.

7. To employ Scientology to the greatest good of the greatest number of dynamics.

8. To render good processing, sound training and good discipline to those students or peoples entrusted to my care.


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