Marty Rathbun has disavowed the Church of Scientology

Marty Rathbun has disavowed the Church of Scientology and is now claiming that he doesn’t think that organized religion is a good thing. This is directly contrary to the basic principles of Scientology that even a new person learns when they first start reading about the subject. For one, it violates the concept of the Eight Dynamics and their interrelation and how one improves life by pursuing improvement on each of these sub-divisions of life.

As far back as 1955 L. Ron Hubbard stated, “We know that Scientology cannot progress in the society unless it is done by a group effort. We know that it can best progress as individuals banded into groups, and these groups banded together into a larger group.”

In my opinion, Marty is a parasite, trying to personally profit from the work that was done by L. Ron Hubbard and those who joined the hard working staff of the Church who brought it forward all these years.


Major 1 [ca mid-March 1955]


from Phoenix, Arizona




Scientologists everywhere, when an organization of force and purpose was, to a large extent, lacking, were victimized and brought into disrepute by persons who could express vast opinions about Scientology, yet who knew nothing about Scientology; by vested interests in the society which were bent upon the suppression of anything which might be seen to have the potential of supplanting their peculiarity. And, in particular, the auditor was victimized in his practice by the existence of persons who, untrained in Scientology and uninformed, yet practiced upon others with it, producing few, poor, or harmful effects.

We know that Scientology cannot progress in the society unless it is done by a group effort. We know that it can best progress as individuals banded into groups, and these groups banded together into a larger group. In other words, the HASI is built like a life organism is built. If everyone knows his subject and does his job we will have here a smoothly running and progressive organization which can by its existence and activities bring a better civilization to man.

Although this is the avowed purpose of many organizations, those in Scientology have come to discover over and over that Scientology contains answers which man has lacked in his progress until now. Parts of these answers have been represented in many places under many names, but the organized whole has not been in his possession.

As this is, at this time, in his possession, an organization to carry it forward is vitally necessary, and the subject itself and its gains would perish or be altered to such a degree as to be unrecognizable in the absence of a strong, firm organization.

When a member or auditor supports the HASI, he is supporting himself. If the HASI fails, he will fail. There are two things which could occur in the life of any individual. By Scientology he could be processed into the state of a complete static, and in that state he might find life, as represented by that state, pleasant. The other existence would be that of a well-balanced individual operating with the forms and spaces of life itself, still in communication with existence, still carrying forward to make that existence better. As, so far, those who have attained the state of complete static have again returned by their own choice to the business of life itself, we can assume that even the processes of Scientology in making a totally cleared individual are not enough. Life, its spaces and forms, must be added to existence in order to make it interesting. Thus, Scientology and life itself as represented by the forms and spaces make a workable combination.

The forms and spaces by themselves are too complex and confused at this stage and in this civilization to make a usable panorama with the absence of Scientology. Scientology AND life, which is to say life broadly understood and changeable at will, can create an existence close to an ideal. Scientology and its organization, the HASI and its affiliated organizations, represent a living of life with an understanding of its goals and purposes and the ability to change it.


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