Per his own admissions Mark Rathbun “Blew” the Sea Org Three Times

Marty Rathbun has told stories as to what “caused” him to blow from the Sea Organization (three separate times). I found an interesting datum from LRH that gives this mechanism of “blow” in a very basic easy to understand terms:

“It’s kind of pathetic really. Studying worksheets, the real spinners cannot confront injuring our group, are afraid to do their full original intentions, cave in and blow. That’s the mechanism. It is not as advertised ‘because they find us bad.’ It is because they find us good, and are unable to justify the overts.” – LRH (OODs Jan 13, 1971)

According to C/S Series 22 Psychosis:

“The APPARENT pattern of insane behavior is to come in (ask for processing, go on staff, etc.) with the advertised intention of being helped or helping, then mess up either as a pc or on post, then state how bad it all is and leave. It looks obvious enough. He came, found it bad, left.

“That is only the APPARENT behavior. APPARENT REASONS.

“Based on numerous cases, this is the real cycle. Hearing of something good that might help these hateful awful rotten nasty people, the psycho comes in, wrecks this, upsets that, caves in this one, chops up that one and WHEN SOMEBODY SAYS ‘NO!’ the psychotic either

“a. caves himself in physically or

“b. runs away.

“The psychotic is motivated by the intent to harm.

“If he realizes he is harming things he shouldn’t he caves himself in. If he is afraid he will be found out, he runs.

“In the psychotic the impulse is quite conscious.”


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