Although Marty has no access to the oversight of a Case Supervisor, correction facilities nor any preclear or pre-OT folders and possesses no auditor certificates, HE has recently been promoting that he will deliver Scientology counseling services. To attempt auditing without case supervision, or PC folders is something that is so contrary to the policy established by the founder of the Church, L. Ron Hubbard, that no self-respecting auditor would ever do such a thing. By doing so, along with the other clear violations of the policy on suppressive acts, Marty has repudiated the various codes of Scientology, including the auditor’s code which states: “3. I promise to administer only Standard Tech to a preclear in the standard way,” and “21. I promise to estimate the current case state of a preclear only by Standard Case Supervision data and not to diverge because of some imagined difference in the case,” as well as “26. I promise to cooperate fully with the authorized organizations of Dianetics and Scientology in safeguarding the ethical use and practice of those subjects.”

Simply put, Marty is a squirrel and we can’t imagine what what sort of actions he may be running on his clients without case supervision or the training in such himself, without an Examiner or anything else needed tech-wise.



You may not know this, but Marty Rathbun left the Church of Scientology about five years ago in late 2004. This was the final of his three unannounced departures from staff over the years.

Marty currently lives with his girlfriend, Monique Carle, in Texas and was recently interviewed in the media by a newspaper with a long history of attempting to smear the Church of Scientology, the founder and others in the community who are known as Scientologists.  What was of interest and insightful during these interviews was the astonishing admissions by Marty that not only did he engaged in physical abuse of other staff, but that he destroyed evidence during a police investigation and engaged in consipiracy to commit perjury unbeknown to others in the Church.

It is not hard to see that the harmful, anti-social acts that Marty admitted to in his press interviews is what precipitated his sudden departure from staff and is partially what lies behind his desperate attempts to now accuse others of the actions in which he engaged to now make them seem like the villains.

What This Blog is About

As there has been much negative information and discussion about the Church of Scientology based on allegations by a person named Mark “Marty” Rathbun, this blog will be used as a forum to correct some of the falsehoods and provide true information concerning what really happened from people who are no longer staff of the Church, but who were also there and who have a completely different take on what transpired.

As he has chosen to make himself a public figure, has delusions of taking over the Church and has been extremely unkind and one sided in his allegations, as a matter of freedom of speech, we feel that it is within our rights to examine, analyze and criticize where warranted and publish them on this blog.